Re: Truths about Lies (again)
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 19:27:26 -0500
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Professor Mancuso,
Science is not a mere coterie. It is not an old boy system,
designed for the aggrandizement of a select group. =

Scientists do not have the perogative of ignoring truth. The
capable pursuit of Truth is the only necessary credential =

for engaging in science. It would be ethically questionable to =

present oneself as an authority on personal construct =

psychology while implying science is just a social =

aggreement. There are rules in the agreement called =

science and many social agreements do not follow the rules =

of science. Because of the rules of science, personal =

construct psychology has the capacity to serve all people =

not just- the forty or so on the bandwagon who identify =

validation as a social warrant. =

The ideas expressed in your posting are irresponsible, in =

a sense. I do not doubt that you are in a sense correct. As =

far as what passes for science among the ignorant and =

dishonest, it probably is necessary to make such deals to =

advance. But real people pay the price when socially =

warranted lies are presented as legitimate psychology. =

Real people are being treated as a consequence of the =

information that such groups distribute. Real people are =

harmed when scientific knowledge is suppressed or faked. =

The paths to success you describe are probably, in part,
directly responsible for the degeneration of personal construct =

psychology. The way to survive as a professor of personal =

construct psychology is to make deals with the people who =

own the journals, publish the books, and run the conferences. =

But surviving as a professor has nothing necessarily to do with =

science or with honor. As one who has been both a professor =

and an outcaste of the PCP coterie, I can say that isolation =

is far more honorable than colluding with a system that harms =

those innocent people who have invested their faith in the =

discipline of psychology. It is a disgrace to Kelly's memory =

that the pursuit of truth concerning the psychology =

of personal constructs, is not the only requirement for being =

"one of us."
William Chambers, PhD
(706) 234-2378

Do not sell your soul to become one of them. Science will survive =

the Kelly cult, even if PCP and your career do not. There is dignity in =

fighting the good fight, even if it you are alone when the bell tolls. =