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Sun, 3 Mar 1996 17:34:03 -0500
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Do not compare the pain of your shame to the misery =

that has been brought upon me, my family, and others =

who have attempted to honor truth. You have not addressed =

our pain, you have judged and dismissed it. The Kelly cult is
unwinding before the public eye. I have asked you to address =

specific theoretical and methodological points and specific =

abuses of the truth and of my person. I have done this over =

the years from the series of academic dumps that the =

bandwagon condemned me to. And I have done it over a series =

of net postings. You have consistently responded with your =

typical patronizing speech making. You always speak as =

though you are giving a "state of the PCP union address." =

That you were not my teacher and did not write letters of
recommendation are beside the point. That I am your =

contemporary and at very least your intellectual equal, has =

been more relevant. Your friends and coterie wrote the words =

and told the lies and ignored my research and criticisms of =

the poor scholarship that ya'll have mass produced. And =

sometimes, they rejected my articles in order to
protect you from my direct criticisms of your work. Just =

as they are attempting to do so now on the net, in =

their cowardly, devious and condescending little ways.
You were irresponsible in your public and sophistical =

judgements of my scholarship. You have been the editor =

of the construct theory journal and very influential in the =

conference industry and in the publication of books.
As an editor of a scholarly journal, you have a responsibilty =

to the WHOLE TRUTH. Instead, you have done what you
could to degrade PCP into a junior high school pep rally. It =

would not surprise me if you have been selling t-shirts with =

your image on them. As vain as you are, I could see you =

going to Yugoslavia, trying to sell these BOB shirts, telling =

them how great you are and how sophomoric truth and =

goodness are. They ( and the rest of us) need people
like you like "a nail in the head." You have no idea of how =

many people have told me what an offensive person you =

are to them, Bob. They won't tell you Bob, they fear you and
your coterie too much. You want to know why so many prefer =

anarchy to organization? All they have to do is look at you
and the bandwagon. Their nausea convinces them.
Until the net, its been the bandwagon's game. No more. =

My work has not been given its due notice. Nor has the =

work of the many fine PCP psychologists who
preceded you, your journal and your empire. Thanks to =

the bandwagon, the very idea of Truth has been degraded =

to a mere dogma of the little people who have nothing but =

the truth. "Let them eat cake (truth), if they are not one
of us." Who the Hell do you think you are?
The hubris of a person like you writing a history of =

personal construct psychology right out of graduate =

school, with your inexperience, modest intelligence, and
superficial grasp of Kelly, and then assuming the =

editorship of a journal at such an early point in your =

career is shameful. The editorships should have gone
to people of the caliber of Adams-Webber and Fransella. =

Bob do you know the meaning of hubris. =

Your treatment of my arguments concerning death threat =

theory were sophistical and irresponsible. You still seem =

unwilling to face the fact that your getting famous on death =

threat theory may have been at the price of others' pain. =

Your recent superficial and patronizing response to Gwyneth's
distress underlines your own willingness to justify the =

bandwagon's failures as ' acceptable losses.' I am not an =

acceptable loss, nor is Gwyneth, nor is Devi- in the conflict =

he must now be facing after reading Mancuso's
Manifesto for the Bandwagon. The "horror upon which your =

fame has dined" is not just a sound byte on the net. Its dead =

and dying people, mentally ill paitents, struggling scientists =

and therapists- and their families who have had to suffer the =

ever 'going and growing' hubris of the band wagon.
Now you say I do not doubt my self. I conducted a lot of sound
research to test my ideas. I have been asking others to doubt me =

and to try the grids themselves for years. While you were climbing =

the ladder of fame by riding the coat tails of Landfield and Epting, =

and simply declaring your self Mr. PCP( and subsequently =

Mr. Constructivism), my students and I were analyzing =

thousands of grids, reading, reading, reading, and testing our =

logic and observations. Bob I have never seen or heard a =

suggestion of self doubt on your part. You are a man of superior =

confidence; a .......... man. As someone put it to me the =

other day, "Bob thinks he is God." =

Bob, you are not divine. Bob, try to be a man rather than a =

weasel. In your latest posting you seem to be suggesting that your =

ineptitude is a function of being a holy man, a Christian. Your =

suggestion that Christians make poor soldiers is a lie. Christians =

have defeated coterie after coterie of relativistic, intellectually and =

morally degenerate bandwagons. My father; a Christian, fought =

the NAZI's and my mother- also a Christian- dodged their
bombs in her youth in England while making ammunition in =

British factories. They both then forgave and befriended their =

enemies, as Christian's have done since Jesus. They spent =

their subsequent lives working in factories, making clothes for =

people like you to dress up in and play professor- while you =

make a mockery of truth. Don't you dare say Christians make =

poor soldiers. The thing is, Bob, is that you are having trouble =

fighting the truth. YOU, not Christians, nor Moslems, nor Buddhists, =

nor Aethiests are the bad soldier. Its Bob's favorite person; YOU. =

Now get used to the fact that Bill (whether he is or is not a =

Christian or Platonist) is a Warrior for Truth. The more you and =

your coterie ignore me and try to bluff your way out of this fix, =

the closer people will take notes on your behavior. Oh they may =

hide at first, and dismiss me as a nut, but their days of being =

intimidated and mystified by the bandwagon's sophistry are =

numbered. I am systematic, Bob. In time, the Truth adds up, =

no matter how the weasel wiggles. =

Bill =