Alternative Construals

Hemant Desai (
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 06:04:07 -0600 (CST)

Dear Beverly:

Thanks for your prompt reply, which is attached below. I don't know
why you should feel "sorry for the way I feel" because that approach
ties one down to one way of seeing, feeling, thinking (or whatsoever).
I would prefer you (and those interested in my opinions) to consider my
recent post AN ALTERNATIVE CONSTRUAL of the movement and its acceptance
of newcomers who have minds of their own. Your reaction tells me how
much "the other pole" in such constructs is submerged and unrecognized.

I could, for example, highlight the usefulness of this list, the warm
friendship of people such as Dave Nightingale and Peter Cummins, Adrian
Fox and Harry Oxley, etc. My point remains--these people were from
overseas. I am not asking you or anyone else for a reason for the
rampant ethnocentrism in academic circles--I am frequently the only
"non-white" person here in Nebraska but I rarely let that get me

My question to you is straightforward: Why publish an already published
bit of Kellyana? I refer to EUROPE'S MATRIX OF DECISION.

Hemant (Desai)

> Dear Hemant,
> I just read your email which arrived on my site at 11.15AM on Friday 1st
> march. I am sorry you feel as you do, but wanted to clarify that I had not
> sent round 'business as usual' emails, ignoring your prior posting. My letter
> was sent on Monday 26th February at 9.46AM. I had been surprised to get a
> letter from Bob to the net that arrived at 10.53AM Friday that referred to a
> letter from you. (I thought you might have been having the same problems as
> I've had with the net.) Obviously things aren't getting to everyone in the
> same order, with great delays for some emails, like mine presumably.
> Anyway, just wanted to clarify that not all the slights you feel are intended
> ones. sometimes it is just the logistics.
> hope things improve for you.
> kind regards,
> Beverly (Walker)