Re: Truths about Lies about Lies

John M Fisher (
04 Mar 96 14:45:02 EST

I would agree with Timothy in the main, also apologies if this comes some time
later and things have moved on, but I am having problems with my phone line at
the moment - it only works when it wants to and then voice use is rendered
nearly impossible due to heavy static on the line!

As a relative newcomer to PCP I believe that by discussion and experimentation
(in whatever form that takes) we can expand the theory. For any theory to
survive it must be challenged and extended otherwise it becomes like the
dinosaur- extinct. Any theory must be a living theory adapting and adaptable.

Going onto the recent discussions, I think that a "lie" is a twofold concept,
if something is told deliberately to decieve then that is something different to
something expressed under the illusion of good faith. Whether the teller is
deluding themself or trying to convince themself of something by repeating the
"lie" is another matter (the notion of hostility springs to mind here) or
whether the person actually belives that statements re true because of a lack of
knowledge of the actual situation are at the core of "truth/falsehood".

Kelly talks about truth/falsehood as being relative to some other category.
Also truth is subjective and if I claim that something is true then within my
contruct network it may be true and by adopting the credulous appraoch you have
to take on board the "truth" of my statement. I also think that the notion of
"truth" is socially and culturally developed over a period of time and is also
"relative". To my mind the underlying concept of a construct is that one
assesses the postion on the construct as relative to either the other pole or as
relative to another construct.

With regards to Bill, I have no knowledge of any of what he alludes to, nor do I
really know any of the main participants - some I have met. However, I
sympathise with what seems like a pretty horendous experience and can understand
his bitterness and anger. But I would prefer to see that aspect kept private
between the relevant parties and not allowed to detract from the interesting
discussion Bill has started on truth. This does not men that I would like to
see Bill excluded from the net rather that this is not the forum for exorcising
old ghosts and reopening old wounds but is for expanding our knowledge of PCP.

I, for one, would also be interested in hearing more about Bill's theory on
Death - you can sent me privately if you wish Bill.

John M Fisher
Full time Project Engineer and some time PCP psychologist/counsellor