06 Mar 1996 08:49:14 -0500


I rely on someone else to send and download incoming my mail.
After I sent a post, I saw your post of March 2, which included
the following:

"By bringing up my daughter, I get people's attention. By
playing crazy, I get people's attention. I do not get people's
attention with the mathematics of grids and the philosophical
implications of this mathematics. Now, after I finally get their
attention, I can begin to shift the dialogue from the irrational
"loaded language" that typifies the Kelly cult to rational,
sincere dialogue."

In light of your call for truth etc., the above approach is
hypocritical to say the least. My initial response was prompted
by concern that your previous posts were likely to only lead to
the previous invalidation you spoke of. My impression is that
you construed this as my providing psychotherapy, this was not
my intention.

It is interesting to read your description of me in light of the
strategy cited above. You described me in the following terms:
"...Typical of the bandwagon, you fix on a very minor procedural
detail in all the postings I have made. You want to make it look
like I am just whining about not getting attention and praise in
a few people's poorly thought out postings. Try being ignored for
twenty years. Trying carrying a dead child from a hot house."

I now find it hard to distinguish between the real pain and the

In relation to your questions, "How much of the literature have
you actually studied?" and "Do you have a job?", I work full
time as a social worker in a forensic unit and recently completed
a masters degree in my spare time while also sharing the raising
of three young children. I returned to university to do my
second degree after working as a sand blaster. It was 10 years
from when I did this degree to when I most recently returned to
university. I extensively reviewed the literature on grids but
did not look into measures derived from grids (e.g. ordination,
cognitive complexity etc.,) as this was not relevant to my

In relation to your comments, "You are hiding behind a
superficial image of objectivity and maturity. You are playing
doctor and you probably have some investment in the bandwagon."

The above construal is based on very limited information, while
telling me what I am doing and what I am. Presumably the very
things you rail against in your posts.

Finally, I do not think I am "... too important to stoop to
consider..." your work and in relation to your final comments,
"Try, try real hard to understand. I do not want to join the
club. I want the truth." I do not think there is a/the truth.
If you want to provide some references to your research or send
posts regarding your work I would be interested to read these.
I would hope we could move beyond invective.


Bob Green