Re. Bill - Need help

Robin Hill (BSRAH@TWP.AC.NZ)
Wed, 6 Mar 1996 15:06:08 +1300

Bill says "Yes, help me get a good job" or words to that effect.

Bill, Have you thought of New Zealand. Its a serious
suggestion. We're prtetty much good old down to earth lecturers down
here who teach students, do research, try to get publications, don't
worry too much if we don't, and who don't get too tied down in
academic politics.

We do have a a few people down here interested in PCP. Usually one
or two people at each of the six universities spread throughout the
country and some at Polytechnics that offer degree programmes.

No.... we're not part of Australia. I'm sure you'd enjoy it down
here. A good percentage of academics who come to NZ on sabatical
visits then attempt deperately to get permanent positions down here.
You'd have to check out your immigration status - we have a point
system down here, and if you don't accrue enough points you don't get
permanent residency.

If its a viable thought, I'm sure your local library would have
copies of The New Zealand Herald. Virtually all university positions
get advertised in the Herald. I know that Massey University, down
here, has built a new campus in Auckland, which is expanding rapidly.
Last year they advertised for one lectureship, and within about 8
months, enrolments had reached a state where that one lectureship had
multiplied!! There could be an openning for you there.

Just a suggestion - ignore it if you like.

Dr. Robin Hill

Senior Lecturer & Research Leader
Department of Business Studies
The Waikato Polytechnic
Private Bag 3036
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New Zealand