Intro and requests

Barbara Bicego (
Thu, 7 Mar 1996 11:14:53 +1000

Dear PCP colleagues,
I am a postgraduate student who has been a passive consumer of the net for
sometime now. This is my first message and I hope its successful,
technology being what it is. Like so many other people I would like to add
a big yes to Germany. I gained a lot from Barcelona and am looking forward
to Seattle and Haifa.

My first request is a reference query:
Could somebody please direct me to a reference by Kelly in which he
discusses his experience of ill health and how this influenced his approach
to time. I understand the reference has the words time or clock in the

My second request is from a colleague, Ms. Daiva Bieri, who does not have email:
Is there anybody who has or is using repertory grid for assessing
disability or handicap in rheumatoid arthritis or related conditions?

If yes please get in touch with MS. Daiva Bieri either via me on the net,
or at this address:
Faculty of Nursing and Health Studies
UWS, Nepean
PO Box 10,
Kingswood, NSW, 2747

Barbara Bicego.