Re: The (Clinical) Point
Fri, 8 Mar 1996 21:09:06 -0500

I am extremely interested in the clinical point although I want to make
certain that it is valid. I hope Lois will stay with the math, as statistics
was way too long ago for me to properly and critically evaluate this
theoretically. I think the theoretical underpinnings need to be debunked,
encouraged, or challenged by someone who is able. The theory is intriguing
and I have always found Joseph Rychlak's ideas both exciting and

I am watching and hope the discussion will continue.

I also hope other "grid experts" will critically challenge the ideas and
challenge them as they unfold.

I hope earlier diatribes do not discourage conversation as an idea is
presented. I hope critisism will be listened to when it is put forth. I
hope all will behave themselves with in this thread.

I appreciate that discussion is no longer peppered with sarcasm and anger. I
would like to continue to encourage that as well as this discussion.