re: response to Rue
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 19:59:21 +0000

Bill Chambers writes:

>I also find Marcel Proust's writings of relevance here. I once did a grid
>using experiences, including a: smell of a rose, b: sound of note A on a
>flute, c: taste of hot tea, D: smell of incense, E: feeling in chest... and
>other "active" experiences. I rated Tarot cards as to the extent that each
>was consonant with the experiences. What emerged was something very like
>Proust's description of the roots of consciousness. Analysis of the factor
>structure initiated a number of personal experiences that unfolded the roots
>of my ratings in archetypes that were at play at the threshold of my active
>consciousness. I think Jung would have approved.

While I don't follow the numeric examples of the grids which has has used
to exemplify his coordinate model, I can appreciate the use of sensory
apperceptions as elements in grids designed to explore phenomena "at the
threshold of active consciousness". It could be argued that, since
constructs are in themselves pre-verbal, mulling over the constructs
suggested by these kinds of elements in particular (apperceptions, I mean)
would be particularly useful in exploring creativeity; and indeed, there
has been some work done using repertory grids as an aid in resolving
creative block among artists.

If anyone wants the reference to relevant publications, please give me a shout.

Kind regards,

Devi Jankowicz.