Re: To Jim on Weaving

Rainer Riemann (upsyf077@HRZ.Uni-Bielefeld.DE)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 10:00:32 MEZ

Dear Hemant Desai,

in a footnote you were asking for newer references to H. Bonarius
work. The latest reference I'm aware of is :
H.B.(1988) Het verhaal van de persoonlijkheid. Nederlands Tijdschrift
voor de Psychologie, 43, 145-158 (in Dutch).
You may find references to his work '84 - '88 there.
With respect to the dichotomy corollary: Did you see the papers by
Millis and Neimeyer (1990) and Riemann (1990) in the IJPCP?

Kind regards
Rainer Riemann
> Footnote:
> * O,S, & T also cite Kelly's rep test as a method similar to their own
> but with different purposes. O,S, & T are interested in the nomothethic
> commonalities that underly semantic space while the rep measures the
> idiographic nature of construct-element relations.
> ** J.Bonarius (1984) has tackled the dichotomy issue quite thoroughly,
> IMHO. Has anyone seen any later work by him?