Is there content in this discussion? (IMPORTANT)

Hemant Desai (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 22:40:58 -0600 (CST)

Dear Bob N., Jon Raskin, Dave Nightingale, Jim Mancuso and others:

I feel the need to explain my recent postings vis a vis my construal
of the pcp theory group. Bob has raised the sociology of pcp thread
and I would like to respond soon if I get the chance. I promise that the
analysis will be constructive (in the utilitarian sense) and I hope
that we will sometime continue the conversations we started (or wanted
to) in Indianapolis.

Let me also take this opportunity to apologize very sincerely if any
of my remarks have caused someone hurt, confusion or any other sort of
inconvenience. I would like to affirm that I owe a debt of gratitude to
some wonderful individuals I encountered via NAPCN and PCT. Let me
name a few who made a positive impression on me (in no particular order):

Rick Clewett, Mildred Shaw, Reid Klion & David Pfenninger, April Metzler,
A. J. Zolten, Harry Oxley, Suzanne Huffman, Jack Adams-Webber, Dave
Nightingale, Peter Cummins, Larry Leitner, Steven Soldz, Jim Mancuso,
James Grice, Mildred McCoy, Greg and Bob Neimeyer, Pat Diamond, George
Howard, Bonnie Shapiro, Greg Leichty, Jerald Foster, Ken Ford, Ron
Wright, Jeremy Jones, and others who I remember but can't name right away.

I am sorry that I will be unable to afford to go to Canada this year. BTW,
two other people I have not met but who have been helpful (over the phone
and mail respectively) are Alvin Landfield and Mike Mascolo.

And, as always, I appreciate hearing from anyone on, or about, this list.

Hemant Desai

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> I'm an English teacher at a Japanese university who subscribed to this
> discussion to learn more about PCP. I don't feel qualified to join in
> the discussion about PCP, as my background is in education... but after
> observing the e-mail exchange ensuing over the past few weeks, i doubt i
> ever would want to join in. Someone is hurt, someone is offended,
> someone feels excluded, someone accuses, someone retorts -- 'Interesting'
> in the words of Carol Crook. I find it puts me off to waiting around for
> some content --
> Is there a way of creating a separate account on the mailbase to
> avoid posting this emotionally charged exchange to everyone? At times, I
> feel like I'm invading someone's private session with a therapist --
> Maricel G. Santos
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