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Thu, 14 Mar 1996 10:06:42 -0500
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Hemant, =

Thank you for your welcome to the net.
Without your help I would not be on
the net. In fact, without out the personal
encouragement and your example of =

scholarly good will, that you have given
me over the past year, I would probably
still be staring at the same walls you found
me sitting before. I am not suggesting
you encouraged me to take on the =

bandwagon in any "vitriolic" sense. You
just gave me the impression that there
are still construct psychologists who
care about the truth. That was enough
to stir the old war horse, whether that
was your intention or not.
Concerning India. I administered grids
and Piagetian tests to Kashmiri kids
who lived on house boats. The Piaget
test results were like those found in
Europe and in the USA. The grid results
were less satisfactory. There was
basically only one factor in their constructs.
I suspect this had more to do with my
undergraduate talents at grid design than
with the kids actual constructions. The
use of an interpreter further confused issues.
Although I went to temples in order to
see mandalas in India- and found many
drawn on sidewalks by women, I did not
conduct any systematic study of =

mandalas in India. I have since attempted
several times to discuss mandalas and
grids with people who write about them
, but no one has written back. I did get
a rejection of my Mandala article from
the Jungian journal, saying it was =

interesting but that their readers were
not interested in math. Most recently
I tried to correspond with someone
who wrote a chapter on mandalas in a
book concerning Whitehead's philosophy. =

No response. Got any ideas?
I will be glad to help you ( or anyone else)
with your dissertation. Over the years, a
number of people have called me for such
help. I gave it with out charge. I never
heard back from any of them. I guess
they got their doctor's degrees.
Hemant, I know you are experiencing a
lot of racial prejudice in Nebraska. I grew
up in Mississippi and have seen such evil
up close. Do not let them prevent you from =

getting the PhD. You have a sensitive heart
and a mercurial mind. You know so many
things that I find it hard to follow you
sometimes. Three masters degrees and
your wider readings have made you a
true intellectual. This is a strength of yours,
not a weakness. Do not let the forces of
evil defeat you, my friend, no matter how
much their ugliness hurts your beautiful
soul. Count on me.
With Warmest Regards,
Bill =