Re: Alternative Construals

Hemant Desai (
Sun, 17 Mar 1996 15:19:38 -0600 (CST)

Dear Beverly:

I apologize if I appear to be antagonistic. Perhaps this is due to the
frustration that a "novice" experiences when dealing with "experts"
(perhaps you are right--it is the unpublished v/s published authors
that makes a difference). It also relates to which posts on the
mailbase are ignored and those that are validated. If "PCP" is to
make progress, newcomers should get the opportunities (such as access
to the literature, conversations with professionals, training, etc.)

Let me tell you why I think that PCP is sometimes a dangerous ground
for a newcomer to make a contribution. Even a cursory look at the
literature will reveal that only some writers are encouraged and cited
while those who are critical enough risk censure and worse (Chambers'
work might be an example of this).

As you might remember, I was to review your book for JCP. I mailed you
about this last year. I made numerous phone calls to Bob N. and R.
Kreiger. Just as I was about to buy a copy (I suppose sending/lending
me one to read is out of the question) I find out the book review process
has been "given" to another person who probably doesn't know about the
earlier promise made by the editor.

BTW, I have been a post-grad since 1983. I am still in search of the
answer to the question: How many degrees (and friends in the right
places) does one need to be considered an author-ity?

With best wishes for the success of your recent publication.


> Dear Hemant,
> I am not sure why you have suddenly, without knowing me in any way, started
> being so antagonistic. I too am from overseas, as you put it.
> If you had read the introduction to the book before starting your attack you
> would find that Devorah (who is also from overseas) and I felt that the social
> interpretation of kelly had been grossly neglected and that this paper, more
> than anything else, put the lie to that neglect. further kelly makes a number
> of predictions for 20 years down the track in the paper, and it is now that
> time. It is a test of the validity of the theory in a most public way.
> Furthermore the upheavals in the former soviet union, the upsurge in racist
> attacks etc. that are occurring are consistent with his predictions.
> Perhaps you are upset with devorah and I because you would like to have
> contributed to the book. We would have liked that too. Unfortunately we
> developed the plans for the book at the Memphis conference, and it has taken
> this long to get it out. so the contributors were set before you even became
> a postgrad student.
> regards,
> Beverly (Walker)