Re: Square Root of Eight Dead Children

John Fisher (
19 Mar 96 02:00:06 EST

Bill, Lois

I have been trying to follow your correspondence with interest. I too, like
Lois, am struggling to understand the intricate details of Bill's grid analysis.
I suppose my "problem" is that coming from a counselling point of view and being
a bit "gridphobic" I tend to use other methods for understanding constructs
(e.g. Self Characterisation or Eric Buttton's Self grid).

I have used grids - both formally and impromtu, but I tend to use a simple grid
analysis package to give me the basic deconstruction - I can not afford to buy
some of the more sophisticated packages around.

I, too, believe that language is the fundamental tool for communication and that
by using language (in all its forms) we "weave" in and out of constructs. I see
our "self" as being like Miller Mair's construct of the "community of Selves".
We are different people at different times and in different circumstances.
Rather than being "wishy washy" I think that this movement is vital to our world
interactions, however it is the scope or depth of movement that defines our
ability to cope with the world at large. I was also interested in the Jungian
discussion regarding the construct of "archetype" and the composition of "mary".
I think that within us all there are certain archetypal constructs which help
define our sense of self, whether these refer to core constructs or not I am
unsure at this moment.

John M Fisher