To Magnus on Circumgrids
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 11:08:01 -0500

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Sorry for the delay. Concerning software... James Grice and I wrote a gri=
analysis package called Circumgrids. It was designed for clinicians and f=
students. It runs on IBM compatibles via DOS. Grids are entered either
interactively with the client or the data may be entered as a matrix, as =
the grid is completed on paper. Circumgrids provides many types of analy=
including: The Bannister Fransella measures of intensity and consistency,=

although the software does not administer the Bannister and Fransella Tes=
with the cards they used. Bieri's measure of cognitive complexity is also=

provided. My own coordinate grid measures of logical consistency and
integrative complexity are provided. Corresponding regressions are not
conducted in Circumgrids. Landfield's measures of ordination and FIC, as =
as his cluster analysis measures are included. There is a procedure for
Hinkle's implication grid. Finally, There is a general purpose principal
components procedure that can be acessed from most of the other options, =
well. It contains PCA analysis on either correlations or Euclidan cross
products. A modified version of the Slater method is provided.Multiple g=
factor analysis is also an option. =

The package also includes a literature review with all of the PCP article=
s I
could find at the time (1986).
Limitations: You are limited to the range of 6 to 16 constructs/elements.=
printer is necessary. Finn Tschudi and his son created a version of
Circumgrids that allows users to save results to disk. Finn is a member o=
the mailbase and I assume will give you a copy. If not, I will send it to=

you. I am told that Bob complained back in 86 that my literature review w=
incomplete. I included every article I could find, including everyone of =
I also listed his address as a major resource in construct theory. If I
missed anybody, it was not intentional. Bob's journal provided a skimpy
review of Circumgrids a few years ago.I think it was written by Adams-Web=
but I am not sure. Over 500 people in 24 countries have requested Circumg=
over the years. I have no idea if they found it useful or not. Ask around=
someone may be able and willing to give you the inside scoop. =

Availability: Circumgrids is FREE. You may give it to others but you may =
sell it to anyone. You can access it from the net. Chris Evans has put i=
somewhere on the net. Chris is a mailbase member. In the past he has post=
instructions for accessing Circumgrids. Perhaps he will do so again. If =
are unable to get Circumgrids off the net then send me a disk and a self
addressed, stamped envelope. I will return it to you via snail mail.
William Chambers, PhD
469 Miller Mountain Road
Lindale, Georgia 30147 USA
(706) 234-2378