Concerning Social Validation
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 10:59:06 -0500
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Party on Cross Dude: An entry in the
Journal of Eumaeus the Swineherd
While lurking I heard:
"Yo, my man. Check out the wiggle in
her steps. You look anxious, party dude.
Do not be afraid. No one will ever string
Oddyseus' bow. It is impossible. Sooner or
later, old Penelope will get tired of weaving
on those grids and choose one of us. Hell,
maybe more than one us. Maybe the whole
damned coterie. We'll be validated more than =

socially when that night comes. But for now,
I've got my eye on the serving wench Bev. "
"Ho! Wait my man, look what just drug in
with Telemachus in tow. That beggar looks
like he hasn't been validated in ten years of
wandering. Watch how Bev will laugh when I
kick his care worn face with my audacious
boot. Why that piece of arrogant dirt seems to
almost have a twinkle in his eye. The weight
of my intellect and learning will put an end to
his sorry search for table scraps." =

"Ho! Crossman. Hold myself back! Old king
George is dead and the banquet flows. Long
live our deconstruction of the house and come
here Bev.. PARTY with the CROSSMAN."
It was just so.