Re: Potential debate
Sat, 23 Mar 1996 22:40:10 +0000

Terry Semple writes:

>Before I lapse back into lurk mode ... I would be interested in
>some anecdotes about how the PCP/Kelly approach has been useful
>in an applied fashion.

Okay; here's a quick and very incomplete contribution so far as the
occupational psychology and management development literature of the1980s &
early 1990s is concerned; perhaps colleagues in other specialisms will
respond in respect to their own fields of application? I'm sorry it's not
in the form of anecdotes, but one could go on all night!

Just a few current research activities known to me in the U.K. occupational
field include:
Dick P. on ways in which the female manager is construed
Jones H. on collaborative construing among senior medical consultants and
hospital administrators
Fournier V. on organisational entry
Benson L. on the use of repertory grids in researching knowledge capture
and impression formation in selection interviewing
Duignan K. on self-assessment in mid-life career changes
Pexton M. on self-construal in public sector occupations
Smith M. on reliability in employee selection
Jankowicz A.D. on venture capital investment decision making

And some references:

Many applications in managerial psychology, employee counselling, and most
training applications (as well as being the _outstanding_ primer to basic
repertory grid technique):
Stewart V. & Stewart A. _Business Applications of Repertory Grid_ London:
McGraw Hill 1981.

Personal development and some potential Organisation Development Applications:
Thomas L. & Harri-Augstein S. _Self-Organised Learning_ London: Routledge &
Kegan Paul 1985

Most personnel management and some training applications; fairly complete
as regards the mid-1980s, and including the work of practitioners as well
as academics:
Jankowicz A.D. "Applications of personal construct psychology in business
practice" in Neimeyer G. & Neimeyer R. (eds.) _Advances in personal
Construct Psychology_ vol 1. Greenwich CONN: JAI Press 1989.

And, in passing, the following is a very readable, and "anecdotal",
introduction to applications in the daily round of existence:
Burr V. & Butt T. _An Invitation to Personal Construct Psychology_ London:
Whurr, 1992.

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz