re: applications
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 23:32:21 +0000

Terry Semple writes:

>Do you know if any
>of the people you mention
>could post a small description of their study ... or are they
>already electronically available somewhere. This is the kind of
>information that I hoped to get.

Here's some contact details; not many are on the net, alas.

Penny Dick, Lynn Benson (and myself!) work at the University of Teesside,
Borough Road, Middlesbrough, Co. Cleveland, U.K. I'll send you my venture
capital stuff if you could send me an address via private e-mail; I should
contact the others by snail-mail at that address.

Helen Jones is at 59, Aldwark, York YO1, UK, and will be on the net from
1st. April on
Kieran Duignan is at Centre for Mid-Career Matters, 1st Floor 429 Brighton
Road, Croydon, Surrey CR2 6UD, U.K.
Marianna Pexton is at Department of Social Services, Benefits Agency,
Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds, U.K.
Valerie Fournier's details escape me at the moment, but I'll dig them out
when I'm back in the office tomorrow.

Incidentally: you could obtain further particulars of these and many other
applied pcp-ers by joining the European Personal Construct Association
(regardless of whether or not you're based in Europe: I'm too ignorant to
work out where you are from your e-mail address!). Just write to Anne
Harwood, EPCA Membership Secretary, Kent Cottage, the Drive, Belmont,
Surrey SM2 7DH, U.K. EPCA publishes the research interests of all its
members and produces a bi-annual newsletter of some 25 pages or so; it also
organises a conference somewhere in Europe every 2years, alternating with
the International Congresses. Its next conference is at the University of
Reading, U.K., next week.

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz