Re: individuality:Dr. Huffman
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 22:36:06 +0000

What a miserable piece of self-pitying dross this is.

>Dear Dr.Huffman,
>Now that you are almost a doctor, tell me: What do you think of integrative
>complexity, logical consistency, corresponding regressions, the coordination
>of whole figure constructs into a community of selves and others, my writings
>on measuring changes using factor analysis, my thoughts on death threat
>theory, my most recent thoughts on measuring loosenss, the Personal
>Construct Inventory, Circumgrids, abstraction versus construction and factor
>analysis, multiple group factor analysis, my findings regarding construct
>development in children, the role of logical inconsistency in depression,
>neurosis and schizophrenia. Or do they teach doctors how to think at Memphis
>State? Instead of just brown-nose ad nauseum. You are one of us now doctor,
>put your statistics and experiemental designs where your conference smile and
>dress has been before. Grow up.
>Little Old Doctor Chambers

I'm sorry. I shouldn't waste my time on this kind of sourness. But it's so
_very_ selfish. There was Suzanne Huffman, celebrating her degree- and in a
particularly generous way, by thanking the world- and there's Bill
Chambers, vomiting his bile over her joy.

Bill: "Where's the beef", as you put it?

Why on earth should Suzanne necessarily be aware of, or interested in, your
own ideas on topics you have listed above? Why expect a person to be aware
of your own concerns as a condition of doctoral probity?

Good heavens, Bill. Don't you remember the happiness of your own
doctorate... with just a little fondness? Why spoil it for Suzanne?

Devi Jankowicz