Advancing truth claims in pcp

Sun, 31 Mar 1996 10:18:10 -0600 (CST)

I am presenting a paper in the near future on how construct theory approaches
the advancing of truth claims. The basic gist of the paper is that truth
claims are often a means for asserting (and sometimes abusing) power. The
reason I see pcp as relevant here is because it emphasizes the importance
of constructive alternativism--therefore, multiple constructions of truth
can be constructed that are equally useful. Certainly in the realm of
politics and social decision making such an approach can be helpful. Think
of all the truth claims that have been advanced by politicians as the one
"truth" that ought to guide their people (e.g. Manifest Destiny, The Final
Solution, Natural Law). Rather than seeing these ideas as CONSTRUCTIONS of
truth and how things ought to be, they are insteas advanced as objectively
truths that have been discovered. Makes political dialogue (not to mention
dissent) rather
difficult. Not to mention the atrocities that have often been justified
in the name of advancing truth claims.

I realize that I have presented my ideas very quickly and in rudimentary
form, but was wondering what thoughts people had on this topic.


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