Re: "Torture" Chambers

Sy Balsen (
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 11:02:32 -0500

>PCP Networkers:
> Have the participants of this net given W. Chambers an opportunity to
>make his point? Has he made his point? Does anyone stil have any doubt about
>the point he wishes to make?
> The delete key is the handiest gadget on the keyboard.
> Why continue to believe that one needs more evidence, more willingness
>to listen, etc., etc?
> Why continue to allow this kind of material to intrude on the value of
>participating in this net....?
> Avanti with the delete key!!!!
> Jim Mancuso

I'm glad everyone is finally agreeing with my posting of the other day- use
the delete key!

I've always thought the "off" switch was the handiest control on my
television, as well, and far superior to censorship or our government's
paternalistic "V-chip" idea.

I was watching the TV news recently and a commentator noted that the V-chip
was necessary since the TV is used more and more for baby-sitting children.
My 15 year old son (and obviously a cynical chip-off-the-old-block) noted
that any child that is baby-sat by a television is going to grow up
"screwed-up" anyway.

Sy Balsen
School Psychologist
Ichabod Crane High School
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