Dr.Chambers have Brains, Too

Mercedes Lopez Invarato (ML6@soas.ac.uk)
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:19:46 GMT

Up to now, i've been a quiet observer, but i'd like to give my
opinion, a non partisan view, about how this sort of "war" is seen by

First at all, i'm not an specialist in pcp, just a humble student
of politics. With this i meant that i am ignorant of any sort of
rank, academic status, importance in the field and the like of any of
you. To be add, to my ignorance about your importance in the pcp
world, is that mine is not an anglo-saxon culture, and i am new in the
already mention academic world.

This list, since i registred last september, has had a big
difference to the others which informations i am receiving:
the high level of personal quarreling/ attacks/attention

It has not been just the action of Dr. Chambers, but generalised
to many participants. In order to begin a war/faith/argument
intellectual/ideological/academic/personal (as you prefer)ARE NEEDED
TWO SIDES. One that began and the other/s that answered and have
been taking back the same level of dialogue: you are/behave like my
enemy, therefore, I answer you back like you are my enemy and I am
yours. In both sides has appeared the attitude:I am good, you are the
bad one.

Then one/several began and the other/s followed. The
responsability of having this on-line dialectic-personal war is of
all that participate plus all that did not participate/act earlier to
stop it. Mine too. Everybody's.

I think that Dr. Chambers has said some interesting things, at
least for me, when he was not upset. Some of his definitions and
explanations were good, in my opinion, and had help me to understand
and know about pcp. I am sure he has many more good theories to
explain, and share some of his research, and knownledge with us.

It seems that Mr and Dr. Chambers has had and lived very hard
momments, personally and proffessionally. Apparently people and
institutions has let him down. I am really sorry that you had to live
such bad experiences. But, i think that it won't be a bad idea if you
try to look around yourself, and see that not everyone is bad, there
is not anybody totally good or bad, that problaby your suffering is
embittering your present, and nobody can live with so much past
accumulated, it doesn't leave room for the present and the future.

Please, Dr. Chambers, is there any possibility that you are too
responsable for your suffering?. I am not being sarcastic, but very
serious. If we make responsable "the others" of the outcomes of our
lives, then how much our lives are ours?. In my modest opinion, i
think that it could be very beneficial for you to try to heal your
pain, because it has became hard anger, and it is eating up and
covering the best of you, or anybody in your situation. And as well
it makes you to try disrespectfully the persons you dialogue with,
and probably not only in the net but almost everywhere.

I think that always our worst enemy is ourselves. How much
enemy of yourself are you Dr. Chambers? Why do you treat yourself
that bad? Why do you want the others to dislike you? What inner image
of yourself and the reality are you projecting and re-creating in the
external world? Probably, there have been many dreams frustrated, and
a bright student that now sees he couldn't get what he thought he
The past is behind. Please, Dr. Chambers don't become a salt
figure looking at the past like Lot's wife.

Sorry, this message was intended to be short, I hope it won't
be a waist of time for you all. Thank you for your attention.

Best regards
(It means "Mercy" in spanish)
PS: the "I" has been written as "i", because it is a question of
principles, "i" places the subject in equal terms with other subjects,
without enhancing it above, in an ego-narcissistic way, as it is done
following an ortodoxian rules of English grammar. Language create mind
structures, and in a world of too big "I"'s there is less importance
given to "we".