Re: Advancing truth claims in pcp

John Fisher (
07 Apr 96 07:02:10 EDT

I have been involved in a discussion on truth on a religious database recently
and one of the problems there was the accusation of truth as justification for

I believe that truth is culturally and socially determined and is constructed
by people from within those confines. I also differentiate between moral,
ethical and "legal" issues within a basic truth. Any truth must be looked at
from the viewpoint of the participant and understood from their also (fairly
Kellyan I think). This makes it difficult to pass judgement on historical
justifications of genocide in the name of perpetuating a truth (are/were the
Jesuits acting aggressively or with hostility to validate their own versions of
the truth in the South Americas or even in Spain during the inquisition).

Obviously I take my stance from a PCP framework and would be intersted in
hearing more of this thread. I'm also sorry about the time taken to respond but
I've just returned from a European PCP conference in Reading England and am
catching up on some sixty items of mail. I'm lso writing this as soon as I've
read your original post and hence before any later dialogue - my apologies if
I'm off track.