Re: Advancing truth claims in pcp

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Sun, 07 Apr 1996 22:06:59 -0400 (EDT)

To PCP networkers:

A recent posting takes up consideration of the matter of "TRUTH."

Would we gain by dismissing considerations about TRUTH?

Could we begin by accepting the claim that the construct "false-true"
derives from social processes, thus marking the referent of the term TRUTH
as a social construction -- an invention that served one or another
purpose for those who invented the construction.
If we fully accept this proposition, would we need to ask questions
about truth claims?????
Would it be more useful to ask questions such as:
Why do persons find the construction TRUTH to be useful?
What would happen if we speak constantly of a person's useful
constructions, rather than of TRUTH?
Could we eliminate the construction TRUTH [and FALSITY] from our
repetoire of constructions? [Would the disappearance of the construction have
an effect on the work of committed constructionists, other than to relieve them
of the constant challenge to specify their methods of giving warrant to "truth
Working as committed constructionist could one take a position
regarding truth that would comapare to that of a committed agnostic who takes
up the issue of the existence of a diety -- namely, "Who cares?" "What
diffence does it make?"
Any advice???
Jim Mancuso