Jukka Vapaavuori (
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 11:29:16 +0300 (WET)

Hello, everybody

I'm still struggling to find any relevant studies and/or references,
related to the topic of my own study. It consernes change processes in a
staff group, with an outside consultant as a change agent. My intrest is
to study the construct system related to their work and mutual
interactions, and specially their construing of a profound conflict in the
staff group. I already have a case study data at hand, consisting e.a. of
some grid data collected at three phases of consultation. I have found
only a few grid studies related to this topic. Can anybody offer some
help? Is there any research going on, but not yet reported? Are there any
other studies, e.g. evaluation studies, using a constructivist framework
(not inavitably with grid methodology), focusing on work group or
organisational development and changes? I would be happy, if anybody can
give any hints or advices :)
Jukka V.

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