Re: Construing Psychotherapy Outcomes

Ana Catina (catina@Psyres-Stuttgart.DE)
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 11:42:01 +0200 (MET DST)

When I mentioned the goals specific to each therapy approach I certainly
thought about them in more general terms: that was why I mentioned also
the necessity to assess outcome at multiple levels and useing paralell
methods. Clients goals are very important but not the only ones
that count. Expert rating is as important as self rating by client. S/he
has to be able to formulate his/her trherapy goals - are they not
supposed to pursue something during the therapy? - and also to be able to
evaluate the xtend to which they attained these purposes. The evaluation
have to be based on precise, predetermined criteria perhaps in order be
relay on something more objective than one's clinical experience. If we
want to validate the PC-therapy we need only to make some research on its
outcome! Some have already done so; more is needed, indeed.
Concerning your ET illustration: tell me how will proceed a non-PC
therapist? Would s/he try to exp|lain to such a client that there is no
ET? What will the patient do? Will s/he believe you and thank you for
showing him the truth? Or go away lo live in peace with his anxieties?
Or look for somebody that conveys more understanding? Please
understand me correctly: I am asking you (I know that I am unfair) and not
offering an answer.

Ana Catina
Center for Psychotherapy Research
Stuttgart Germany