Re: Kelly versus the Men in Manholes
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 00:22:08

Hi Bill-
I am new to this list, and to some of the subtleties of the issues you raise.
But I am not new to the heart of the matter of constructivism, as I understand it.
The question is: what is your point(s)? In what moodstate(s) are you pursuing
them? Are you yourself being grounded in your own conversation here, now, with us?
I think you, like all of us, want to be known, positively, by us others. I am
open to doing that, never having met you before. But you present in a way that,
for me, on only one reading, is baffling, troubling, and a little enigmatic.
Whew! What a way for us to meet! Please don't be offended by my comments,
but I gathered you wanted some sincere response. Care to continue? Gary Blanchard