Re: Kelly versus the Men in Manholes
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 11:36:51

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Dear Alessandra-

Welcome to the list. I think I am the person whom Bill was writing to on the
above occasion. I can assure you that I, at least, meant no slightl. But I am
aware of how perniciously blind we white males are to our own biases, and I will
take your comment as a healthy reminder that the majority of the human race also is
around, and should be addressed respectfully.
I also can tell you that, if I am the guy he was talking to, I am so new to
the net myself that I didn't realize we were having a public conversation! I
thought he and I were talking only to each other!
Bill.....Bill...if you're out there: HELP!
In the meantime, Alessandra, I'd be interested to hear what you're pursuing
your PhD in, where, and any other background re: consructivism you'd care to offer.
Hoping to hear from you, and that you accept our apology, I am
Constructivistly yours, Gary Blanchard


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To: Subject: Re: From the Bad Bad Wolf

Dear Bill- Thanks for the greeting. In principle, at least, I admire --- and share --- your approach. Truth, evidence, grounding. Not hype, fashion or schmoozing. I'll get back to you soon, after I have a chance to reflect on your note and suggestions. I've been taught to read things at least three times to imnprove the possibility that I am being evoked in the manner that they intended (111). Also, I know that some of our biggest breakthroughs have come from the paradigm-busters whom the conventional paradigm-people dislike, fear, resent, etc. (see Kuhn). So, prepare for a possible friendship. If you can stand it. (chuckle). Best wishes, Gary