There are no ships; they do not pass. metaphor only
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 23:14:25

Dear Bill-

Whew! You are some kind of dude! Articulate, seemingly conversant with the
classics, and possessed of what I can only call a vitriol against the generality of
your critics/enemies. Hell, I'd even bet you're angry.
For me, what it's all about is discerning one's basic way of being, or
ontology,. this being formed through one's Heideggerian thrownness and the
practices and positions which one, predictably from the thrownness, recurrently
produce...via language. Lanuage being the House of Being. Language, in
particular, as Searle has helped us to see it...through performatives. Which is
only important in that we are, above all, linguistic beings. So that we live in
language. And performatives are the dynamics which shape the languaging we do,
which in turn defines our ontology.
Whew! I am some kind of dude, too!
Do you dig all of the above, dissent, or doze? RSVP, BBW (big Bed etc)..gary