Speak Greek, My Ears are Weak

Sun, 28 Apr 1996 13:13:48 -0400


I have read a little Heidegger but no Searle. Please explain how Heidegger
relates to Kelly. Your title ("There are no ships") seems to be either
unfriendly, nominalist, or to be a declaration that we are limited (perhaps
gloriously) to language. Have you heard Leonard Bernstein's Yale lectures? He
describes the lonely trumpet in Ive's symphony as saying "Yes, yes, yes" or
as Heidegger put it "Being is." Bernstein traces the roots of both language
and music to the general logic of deep structure. Is there reason such
structures do not apply to the nonverbal; to the visual, the visceral, and
the numeric? What did Heideger mean by "worn out language"and how might it
characterize a cult?

Its true that I like and dwell often in language. But I like the taste of
this Earl Grey tea, as well. It co-constitutes my being, along with the
dogwood blossoms and my daughter Agatha's laughter, like the guitar counts
out time against the amusement of the banjo.

Was your RSVP. BBW( big "BED" etc) a misspellling or an allusion to the Olive
tree bed post of Penelope? Has the ragged beggar met his match?

Eumaeus the Swineherd