Re: Can Words Be Ugly? What is 'words'?
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 12:52:49

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Dear Bill-

I hope you got my last note...the one to Big Bad And Em... If so, I can't tell
from your latest.
Also, did you get the correction from Alessandra...and my response?
Since we live in language, and how we do that is by having conversations, which
can both be opened and then closed, I like to watch our for having too many
conversations open. I get a kind of unsettled feeling...and I believe my
relationships with the other people involved reflect that. That is, they don't
know where we have come out in the matter we were discussing.
Finally, I urge you to beware of what my teacher called 'arrogance.' Not
arrogance like morally offensive, but like "don't know, but act like you do.' This
kind of arrogance is a function of our blindness in a matter, a matter in which we
are acting righteously ("I know, dammit---[usually with right forefinger waving in
the air, close to the nose of the other]).
I have to be watchful of falling into arrogance. And since I am damn near
perfect, guess where that leaves the rest of the human race?
Come back, bad wolf. Come back. bests, gary
PS To hell with reading right now. It's spring.


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To: Subject: Re: From the Bad Bad Wolf

Dear Bill- Thanks for the greeting. In principle, at least, I admire --- and share --- your approach. Truth, evidence, grounding. Not hype, fashion or schmoozing. I'll get back to you soon, after I have a chance to reflect on your note and suggestions. I've been taught to read things at least three times to imnprove the possibility that I am being evoked in the manner that they intended (111). Also, I know that some of our biggest breakthroughs have come from the paradigm-busters whom the conventional paradigm-people dislike, fear, resent, etc. (see Kuhn). So, prepare for a possible friendship. If you can stand it. (chuckle). Best wishes, Gary