possible mutual interests

Wendy Crebbin (WCREBBIN@fs3.ballarat.edu.au)
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 11:16:51 GMT+1000

Hello, my name is Wendy Crebbin,
I work in the School of Education at the University of Ballarat,
Victoria, Australia.

I have been a fairly quite member of the group but hope that I might
be able to make some connections with people who may be working in
similar areas

My research area is focusing on constructivism in learning, and at the
moment I am facinated about the ways in which people make choices
about how they will store and/or retreive information.

That is, I am working from assumptions that there are underlying mechanisms
and procedures which preceed, are part of, inform, the meaning
making. I suspect that much of this goes on in what is called the
'primitive brain' rather than/as well as, the cortex. But not having
any connections with neuro-- it only a hypothesis.

The reason I am writing now is that I will be based in Sheffield, England for
six months, July - December and then hope to spend some time in Canada
and/or USA in January next year.

I am hoping that during that time I might be able to meet up with
people in Europe, U.K and North America, who might be working in
similar areas and/or feel that we could contribute to each other's

Looking forward to your responses

Wendy Crebbin