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Mon, 29 Apr 1996 21:21:41 -0400

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Date: 96-04-29 18:04:34 EDT


Thank you for your chastisement and clarion call to poltical correctness. You
being a PhD student, I am sure you have heard of the word "dialectic". It
concerns the development of events, including meanings, through processes
like conversations. When I said "Boys" I was not referring to Gary. I assume
that he is a man. I was refering to the Old Boy System that has choked the
advance of construct theory and enriched itself with tenure and trips around
the world to vacation conferences. I suggest that if you care to understand
this ongoing conversation that you look back at the PCP Net archives for the
last three months. If your PhD program is more concerned with the pursuit of
truth than with the flattery of PhDs, then you may be amused by what you read
in the archives. Mean time, there are plenty of old boys on this net who will
be glad to cradle your oh so avante garde tenderness in their big masculine
arms, and tell you how to be come as one of the bandwagon. I personally do
not care if you are a man or woman. Are you interested in truth and in
helping students and patients, or in just being treated like a politically
correct princess?

Have you got any thoughts on construct theory? Have you collected any data?
Are you above the world of pain and truth?

William Chambers, PhD and Noble Pig Farmer