The Truth about Mr. Nightingale's Net
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 23:23:49 -0400

To All,

Some of you do not like getting the messages that Dr. Tooth and Rahel
Meshoulam and others of Devi's coterie are returning to me. Mr. Nightingale
just sent me the message that if I do not stop returning them to the PCP net
then I will be removed from the net and it will be closed so that I can not
rejoin. He knows what is going on and this is his cowardly way to rationalize
censorship. He lacks the intellectual ability, knowledge, and integrity to
shut me up rationally but as a PhD candidate he does not want to appear to be
anti-intellectual. So he has let the bandwagon's gestapo contrive a way to
shut me out. He and the rest of the Kelly Cult must be very proud of
themselves, but I do not know why. How do people believe their own lies?

I can see why you would not want these messages returned to your box. I do
not want them in my box. They are old messages and were unread by the cowards
who return them to me. The messages are being returned to my box as a means
to push me off the net. And you all have sat and watched this happen. I have
reminded you that Devi contrived his little virus a few weeks ago in asking
others to forward my postings to the PCP net back to me unread. You have said
nothing or worse, you have applauded the little tyrant.

I would rather be talking about latin square experimental designs as
strategies of construct elaboration and of Kelly's limited understanding of
Aristotle. Instead, I find myself explaining the dynamics of cultic
behavior to an audience of largely irresponsible, poorly trained, and
probably not very intelligent dillettantes. George Kelly would have eaten you
people alive. Most of you are into Kelly just for your political advancement
or to flatter yourselves that you understand him and psychology in general.
Devi, the World Expert on PCP apparently did not even know there was a
picture of Kelly in the front of Kelly's last book. For him to describe, as
one of his heroes, someone who criticized the communist abuses of truth,
borders on the obscene. Devi behaves more like a Stalinist than like Kellian.
The Stalinists and NAZIs pushed the voices of dissent out of the universities
and into the death camps. They perfected censorship.

People who collude in the generation of incompetent psychologists are EVIL.
That's not a politically correct term. "Let them Eat Cake" or "Kick him if
he cusses after we kick him for telling the truth" are more in the
politically correct style of the bandwagon.

How many of you have even read Kelly? Why did Kelly require that his students
do empirical theses and dissertations? Why did Landfield allow Neimeyer to do
a nonempirical dissertation? And then make him king of construct theory? What
message has this sent? Have you pondered why Kelly described hostility as the
extortion of social validation? How many of you use or criticize grids but
couldn't explain what an eigenvalue is? How many of you think you are so
clever not to be objectivists but have not read Rychlak's philosophy of
science? He has some interesting things to say about his teacher; Kelly and
about Kelly's model of Man-the-Scientist.

The thought of so many pompous, ignorant, and basically stupid people
assuming the roles of therapist and professor is simply nauseating. You are
not so special that you should be given the power to hurt and stupify others.
That's what you do in making clones of others and calling the results a
democracy of the enlightened. If I scare you so much that you will drive me
from the net, I wonder what you will do when you meet a child who can see
straight through you. How would you like your child to be the patient of
someone like you? I can see some of you licking your lips.

Many of you don't like me. Well I don't like many of you. You are liars. But
you are more than simple liars. You help manufacture cultures that produce
liars. You want to get rid of the whistle blower. You tolerate Devi and his
thugs. This is very much like what happened in NAZI Germany and in Stalinist
Russia, as well as in my own country on many occasions. They destroyed
intellectual freedom in their governments and universities by shooting the
messanger. Cult leaders do this sort of thing everyday, around the world.
They snuff out dissent.They do not tolerate criticism. They do not guide the
bitter and unenlightened to the grace and providence of God or goodness. They

In medieval times the French administrators perfected a technique called The
Big Lie. They understood that if enough people repeated a lie, then most
people would believe it They, like many of you, were spiritual and
intellectual cowards, but most of all, they were EVIL. They thought they were
better than others in their essence. And they suppressed anyone who stood in
the way of the Big Lie. Its an old story that is told everyday.

William Blake said 'It is an easy thing to laugh in the summer sun, to see a
blessing on everywind, to rejoice in the illness that cuts down our enemy's
children...but not for me.' He spoke after having paid the Price of
Experience. Many of you find Experience to be an unseemly symptom of
untutored foolishness. "Only uncouth people are unpleasant enough to speak of
evil and pain." I think most of you are too stupid deep down in your souls
to understand Blake or Kelly. But I will try to make it simple for you: "GROW

It will be an honor to be thrown off Mr Nightingale's PCP net.

William V. Chambers, PhD