Re: The Truth about Mr. Nightingale's Net
Wed, 1 May 1996 12:11:01

Dear Bill/Eumaeus/Swineherd/Pissed-off Guy-

Question: If it's true that we construct our own reality, and you have
reported on yours, here, as being one of persecution, vilification, and
impending ostracism, then what does it say about the way you construct your
reality (your ontology)?
Come on, now...take a look, won't you? How were those early, formative
years? What picture did you put together of the world? To what extent have you
brought it forward to today, but with a new cast of bag guys to despise?
I realize this may seem to be impertinently personal of me, but you are the
one who has chosen this arena to play out/reenact your traumas. I take it as a
compliment that you are trusting us with your anger and your enormous energy.
Surely we can examine our own constructivist patterns and see if we can do a
little better than condemn.
Of course, if you are determined to be rejection-seeking, then evidently you
shall have your wish, at least as far as this maillist is concerned. But I for
one hope you relent, realize that you are among fellow students and human
beings, and that we all really do need each other.
The world is just too large an enterprise for me to operate it all by
myself. Hang in there and talk to me....not just you, but your co-creators.
Maybe we have created the opportunity for some good constructivist learning
What do you say, fellow listfolk? RSVP, gary