Reluctantly I Ask for the End of the Nonsense
Fri, 3 May 1996 11:18:19 -0400

As some one who used to think Bill had something to say and only needed a
forum and some time.... As someone whom has spent hours reading Bill's
posting culling through crap looking for the good stuff.... As some one whom
spent several hours on the phone with Bill trying to get him to gethis ideas
out in useable form.... As someone whom has a predilection for a good
intellectual fight with only moderate decorum.... As someone whom is a
terminal adolescent and favors the wide open quality of the net..... As
someone whom is not in favor of academic or any other style of elite that may
shut out new ideas.... As someone whom hates to see people not talk out in
the open and talk things through and to one another.... As someone whom
even at some level enjoyed vicariously watching what may have been a real
life drama or conspiracy theory or expose (I enjoyed "All the President's
Men") ("maybe it is true, success did come to these people)....... As
someone whom only reluctantly gives up my Libertarian bent with regards to
his issuet....... As someone who really believed constructive engagement
works.... As someone whom thought zero reinforcement might work.... As
someone whom must pay to read all this E-Mail....

I very reluctantly say it is time for Bill to be removed from the list (My

I say this knowing I will be flamed by him or whatever new name he reenters
the list under later. I understand he will consider himself a martyr and
this will result in continued data for his theories ("an honor" as he himself
has said). I understand that some people will react negatively, particularly
if new to the list.

Bill has had the time to make the case for his ideas (and several other
people's time). He has had the time to make his case for the injustices done
to him and has been his own worst "witness" for his case. He has behaved in
such way that those whom supported him earlier have dropped out of sight on
the list or have been silent on this issue recently. I have written in
support of allowing Bill to express his theory. I could allow the anger and
listen to his ideas. Now there are no ideas forthcoming. Those whom talked
about jobs for him now would have no reason to trust his judgement. I have
lost my respect for him and am not sure I want to try to spend the time to
find his ideas through the muck.

What we have now is people getting very bored with rehashing and reruns and
leaving the list. New people waste time with the same postings as otherson
the list have seen before.

I appreciate Malcolm's comments rearding my last posting. I have saved them.
They were helpful. There are less and less people though familiar enough
with the theory to respond to theoretical issues.

This concerns me much more than ensuring that all people can talk at all
times. This list needs to be useful. Bill's presence as a participant is no
any longeruseful for discussion except as a diversion to stimulate
conversation. He has become detrimental to learning and using the theory
rather than a help of any kind. I am sorry about this as he has good skills.

John Fallon
Thresholds Rehabilitation Center
Chicago, Il USA