Re: Reluctantly I Ask for the End of the Nonsense

M.L.Pope (
Fri, 3 May 1996 19:08:19 +0100 (BST)

I too would like an end to the exchanges that abuse the net

Up to now I have refrained from comment in the hope that such abuse would end.

Having just had a happy time amongst folk who find that PCP is a helpful
tool ,theory and methods within their work in education,
,management,nursing,counselling, name but a few
domains..atthe European Personal Construct Association held at Reading I
can vouch for the high standard of academic debate,the willingness of those
with more knowledge and experience of PCP to share this with colleagues,the
delight in the contributions from newcomers,the climate of trust that
embraced the procees of the conference was refreshing.
Contacts like this is what I value within pcp alongside what I can derive
from journals,books and my own reflections. When the net began this was
also a good source of inspiration but it has gone sour.I join with Jacqui
in expressing frustration.
I do not lick anyone,s boots but I am happy to acknowledge the help those
who have offered their words of wisdom over the years and this would
include Franz Eptingwho is a kind and courteous gentleman and some of the
others Bill has verbally abused. I know Devi well and he is no Nazi look in
to his origins!

I am concerned about the numbers that have left the list and those like
myself who remain silent while the net is littered with garbage.
I am also concerened about newcomers what must they make of it?
At Reading we have over 25 PhD students who are exploring PCP and who have
been exposed to a caring and constructive environment where I and my
colleague hopefully provide a forum for honest dialogue on Kellys work AND
examples ofall the the work that has come in his wake
I hope that they and fellow PhD students on the net will realise that
there are a very large number of PCP folk throughout the world who value
the spirit of Kelly's work and what has come after without setting
themselves up as gurus or engaging in excessive zeal. Such folk have
already come on the net to help students and I hope this will continue BUT
people are turning off the net and this is sad for all of us

Do not let this rot continue .!

In case any of you want to contact other than by net or e mail
my address is

Prof Maureen Pope
Dean of Faculty of Educationand Community Studies
University of Reading
Bulmershe Court

TEL NO 01734 318811

FAX 01734 352080

Kind regards to all my friends and colleagues out there I expect many of
you are as fed up as I am.
Sorry I did not get to the NA conference