Re: Pampered Girls make Dangerous Doctors
Fri, 3 May 1996 12:00:02

Dear, mostly-unmet, new PCP friends-

I notice that one major effect of all this 'Bill-said' 'Bill-says' stuff
is that (1) Bill gets to remain the center of attention, and (2)he gets to set
the terms of the debate, by initiating conversations of concern to others,
often by name. Let us acknowledge that this is so, and it is a fact of life.

Let us also acknowledge that he evidently has been an important figure in
much of the debate over all these matters (most of which I, as a newcomer, and
non-psychologist, cannot yet appreciate). So he has a perspective which could
be most fruitful, no matter how much you or I may find it difficult at times to

And, finally, let us remember that we are about the practice of science,
and paradigms, and innovation, and the search for truth. We must stay open to
possibility, and to the voices which bring it to us. It is, after all, we who
are constructing his comments as negative and tiresome and offensive.

Let us simply practice some selective desensitization of our listening,
giving up our preference for concensus and agreement, and celebrating our
mavericks, and their spirits and energies. They may yet inspire us to greater
things ourselves!

In Maturana's terms, one's speakings are simply perturbations in the
listenings of is our thrownness/frame of reference which
determines the meaning we assign to the perturbation.

As the old Zen saying goes, let us try less to get what we want, and try
more to want what we get.

Yours for having our years matter all we can..... rsvp, gary