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W Ramsay (
Thu, 9 May 1996 08:56:53 +0100


You wrote

>Gary Blanchard:
>You said:
>. I find it interesting that, in a group whose core seems to (or used
>> > to!) contain so many individuals engaged in therapy and para-therapeutic
>> > activities, no effective and sensitive way of dealing with the
situation has
>> > emerged.


I have to spring to Gary's defence. I wrote it. Gary's only crime was to
make approving noises. I, too, am a peripheral PCPer, but a committed one.
I'm also a committed behaviourist and I see no conflict between the two.
(Incidentally, those who say behaviourism is dead just don't know how to
find its vital signs).

I am not new to the list, either, although I have been quiet for a while. I
followed all of Bill's posting and the replies except for a four week period
between mid-March and mid-April when I was away and I wrote what I wrote
only after careful consideration.

Like you, I do not think that the list is a place to conduct therapy. I
commented only on the lack of application of skills that I believe to be
endemic to good therapeutic procedures in dealing with the situation. No
one, indeed, has an obligation to relate to any other as if they were their
therapist. Perhaps, though, once they have exercised the option to reply,
rather than to use the delete key, they have an obligation to do so in
sensitive and non-threatening ways? Alternatively, they may feel they have
an obligation, as some did, to conduct a private squabble privately rather
than respond on the lsit.

Finally, like you I find the list an interesting (and entertaining) placce
to be - well, most of the time - and I hope we'll have more useful exchanges
inthe future. Bring on your theroetical perspectives!



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