Kelly corporation

14 May 1996 14:36:44 -0500

Devi raised some interesting issues, particularly in terms of
corporate self-ascription. I had not really considered this
issue in these terms.

Previously on this list the issue of whether the individual is
in a 'privileged' position, i.e., they are in the best position
to understand their actions/self has been discussed. This
question is an interesting one when applied to an organisation.

When I think about why I react to some corporate constructs, the
following comes to mind: the difference between rhetoric and
what I perceive happens in practice, the blanket application of
corporate models to other quite different fields such as health,
the lack of resources to meaningfully implement changes and
Jargon. My argument is not with quality or principles, it's the
bureaucratization which in the end often stifles the innovation
and problem solving Deming sought to promote.

One of the most useful lessons I have learnt from PCP is the
concept of shared meaning. I can think of many instances where
problems have resulted from a lack of shared understanding of
purpose or process. Comments, references or examples of PCP
being used to foster organisational change would accordingly be
of interest,


Bob Green