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Peter Caputi (
Tue, 14 May 1996 16:38:56 +1000

Dear Bob Devi and others interested in the corporate construct issue,

When Balnaves and I introduced the term corporate construct we were
not intending the term to be limited to organisational psychology.
By corporate, we were referring to any group of people. By corporate
constructs we were trying to capture the styles of reasonings, the
ways in with rules, rituals, skills etc generated by a group of people are
used or adopted by others without modification or very little
modification. Corporate constructs are specialised skills that
people need to acquire so that they can acquire others skills etc, so
language is a specialised skill - a corporate construct. We when use
the language of Kelly and interpret or place meaning on how people
behave we are using the corporate contruct called Kelly's personal
construct theory.

I apologise for the brevity of this reply, but the discussion was
taking a rather different direction to that that Lindsay and I hoped
it would, and the idea of corporate construct was somewhat different
from that which Balnaves and I proposed.

Back to teaching!!


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