Kelly corporation
Tue, 14 May 1996 22:30:57 +0000

Referring to an earlier item of mine in response to an even earlier of his,
Bob Green comments, inter al.,

>One of the most useful lessons I have learnt from PCP is the
>concept of shared meaning. I can think of many instances where
>problems have resulted from a lack of shared understanding of
>purpose or process. Comments, references or examples of PCP
>being used to foster organisational change would accordingly be
>of interest

I can suggest two examples. The first was as described in my posting of two
days ago under the heading of "Re: introductions", in which I gave a few
references to Colin Eden's work that would seem to fit the bill of "PCP
being used to foster organisational change".

The other one that may interest people is Helen Jones' work in the National
Health Service, in which she has spent the past 3 years or so in getting
large numbers of health service managers and consultants (the main power
loci, as I understand it, of the NHS) to engage in sociality with respect
to each other, using rep grid, resistance to change grid, and a variety of
related techniques. "shared understanding" has been very much her aim and,
from what I understand, her achievement.

Unfortunately, I've trawled through a couple of databases and can't give
you a recent reference to her published work in this field (though I
remember at least one fairly recent article by her appearing in _Management
Learning_). She's just got wired up to the internet but hasn't yet, so far
as I know, subscribed to this mailing list. I've contacted her for her
permission to cite her e-mail address on this mailing list for anyone who
might be interested in pursuing this issue further, and shall report back
as soon as I've heard from her.

Kind regards,