re: Kelly corporation
Thu, 16 May 1996 20:34:58 +0000

A few days ago, in responding to Bob Green's request for:
>Comments, references or examples of PCP
>being used to foster organisational change would accordingly be
>of interest

I referred to Helen Jones' work with National Health Service managers and
consultants and, in view of her not yet having subscribed to this mailing
list, promised to make her personal e-mail available to anyone who was
interested provided she agreed that I could.

That agreement has now come through, and so, here it is:

(If you have any difficulties with that, try


Kind regards

Devi Jankowicz

PS If Bob finds it useful: I've recently been doing some work on the ways
in which the employees of a public-sector organisation construe matters of
internal and external fraud & security which, inter al., has involved me in
identifying their values by means of a resistance-to-change technique that
I learnt from Helen Jones. The information is going to be used to help
design an organisational development programme within that organisation.
Please ask me some more if that sounds interesting.