Re: re The Kelly corporation

John M Fisher (101515.501@CompuServe.COM)
17 May 96 01:47:03 EDT

When I first read the Balnaves and Caputi paper on "Corporate Constructs" I was
immediately excited and found it very useful. I also engaged in some useful and
interesting discussions regarding whether these corporate constructs were part
of the sociability corollary or not (inconclusive in that we all maintained our
original viewpoint afterwards) of which I think Devi was part. I have also
passed the article reference to others who have also found the construct useful
in their work.

I think that whether we use the term "corporation" or "tribe" is slightly
irrelevant within the overarching construct of a "group construct system". The
idea provides a useful framework for understanding how groups(organisations,
tribe, culturesetc.) are composed as well as the rules (explicit and implicit)
by which the group operates. This also helps(in my mind) to understand the
synergy concept, whereby the group acting together form a stronger entity than
the individuals when operating fom within a shared construction. Also peer
pressure can be explained in terms of group norms and requirement to conorm to
the expectations of the common construct system.

I would like to suggest that we have recently witness a form of corporate
construct regarding behaviour and acceptability of "deviant" behaviour where it
was deemed that the shared aims and goals were being abused.

John F