Re: (PCT and Feminism)

Ana Catina (catina@Psyres-Stuttgart.DE)
Fri, 17 May 1996 12:52:30 +0200 (MET DST)

I think that I am conducting a research project on how women construct
themselves, social ideals and their choosen or simply "attributed" social
Following the discussion among different members of the list on feminism
I realised that it is wrong to consider feminism vs masculinism as a
construct. This is a way of anticipating an antagonism between events
allocated to the two poles.
They might be poles of two different constructs. I use to
think that in a system construing genders, their specific or commonalities
they probably have a lot of subordinate implications. I
also realised that it one mostly fails to have a superordinate
construct to circumscribe these two constructs with their respective subsystems.

I think that the fact that women`s social roles are construed and
conveyed (by education) also along one single construct, although they
probably belong to two different constructs. Instead complementarity,
relation of exclusion will be construed, preemptive construing will
result, possibility of decission are reduced.
Feminist attitude or movement or whatever label we use, if construed in
the mentioned way, might be helpful or lead paradoxically to
restrictions. They are ought to remember that they do not represent the
opinion of all women, ie that some of them feel burdoned by the
dialog feminists sometime creates with their male partners (I
refer to investigation data).

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