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>Thank you Robin and Magnus for your postings. =20
>Robin- I think you did a nice job of explaining your use of the=
> Thanks.
>Magnus- As I go to the library, what is the best summary book to examine
>Colin-Eden's work and his version of cognitive mapping. I guess I am=
>some real cracks in my knowledge of my PCT library that seemed complete in

I have two recommendations:

two chapters in Rosenhead (ed): Rational Analysis for a problematic world,
Wiley 1989

Eden, Colin (1988): Cognitive Mapping. European Journal of Operational
Research 36, p 1-13.=20

There are a number of later articles also, and a special issue of Journal of
Management Science (I tink) from 1992, edited by Eden, and with
contributions by Michel Bougon and others.

Good luck!!


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