Re: Laddering and Pyramiding- a Description and Bibliography

Jack Adams-Webber (
Sun, 21 May 1995 09:04:16 -0500

> Dennis Hinkle first developed the laddering technique in 1965 at Ohio
>University in his masters thesis.

It was his Ph.D. Dissertation

>It was never published and will be found
>in the stacks.

and also University Microfilms, University of Michigan.

>It is often cited, seldom found or read except at the large
>universities. It remains an important paper and is certainly for me one of
>the most useful techniques.

There is a comprehensive and accurate summary of Hinkle's dissertation in
Bannister & Mair (1968). The evaluation of personal constructs. London:
Academic Press. pp. 78-96 (essentially the whole of Chapter 3).

You will find a detailed crtique of Hinkle's dissertation in Adams-Webber,
J. (1979). Personal construct theory. NY: Wiley, pp. 56-58

More recent reliability and validity data are reported by McDonagh,
D.(1987). The implication potential of personal constructs in relation to
their subjective importance and order of elicitation. Social Behavior and
Personality, 15, 81-86.


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