Re: Laddering and Pyramiding- a Description and Bibliography

Jack Adams-Webber (
Sun, 21 May 1995 14:24:23 -0500

Dear Gary:

>Thanks for your posting. I know nothing about this methodology, and
>won't ask you to summarize it for me. But I would greatly appreciate
>your professional assessment of its pros and cons, and what your own
>bottom line is regarding it. Thanks......Gary

There are several versions of this procedure. The only one of them with
which I have had any direct experience is Fay Fransella's 'bipolar
implication grid' technique. This is explained clearly, together with
relevant reliability and validity data, in the following paper by Donna

McDonagh, D.(1987). The implication potential of personal constructs in
relation to their subjective importance and order of elicitation. Social
Behavior and Personality, 15, 81-86.

This study was a thesis project conducted in my Lab under my direct supervision.

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