New grid program available

Thu, 23 May 1996 10:55:45 +0000

Dear colleagues,

After several years of work with a previous version of the GRDCOR
program I finally got ready the new version and a revised and updated
80-page manual. Since in the last months I have read several messages
regarding grid programs, I enclose hereafter the information about
this one. Thanks for your attention.

GRIDCOR: Correspondence Analysis for Grid Data v. 2.0
=A9 by Drs. Jos=E9 Manuel Cornejo and Guillem Feixas

* Friendly program for IBM/compatible personal computers
running on DOS. You only need a few minutes to operate the program.
* It comes with the 80-page reference guide "A Manual for the Repertory
Grid" that introduces you both to the rep grid and the GRIDCOR program.
* Ready to use even for newcomers!
* Grid data and labels are kept in text files produced either from GRIDCOR=

or from your preferred word processor.
* Automatic, and very fast, three-page printout with main analyses for bus=
* Results can be either printed from GRIDCOR or saved on files to be edite=
and printed.
* Allows you to print on both dot matrix and injection/laser printers.
* Performs the following analyses on your grid data: correspondence analys=
(a factor analytic method with several advantages over principal compone=
analysis, as explained in the Manual), two-way cluster analysis (focusin=
the grid), distance and correlation matrices for both elements and const=
and conflict analysis.
* Calculates the following global grid measures: PVAFF (Percentage of Vari=
Accounted by the First Factor), Intensity, Bieri's Cognitive Complexity,=

Discriminative Power (Landfield's Ordination), Extremity of ratings,
Extremity bias, Rating range, and conflict scores.
* Calculates the following measures for each construct and element: Co-ord=
and contributions, Intensity, Discriminative power, and Extremity of rat=
* Prints the following graphic displays: Dual diagrams for each axis or fa=
plotting of any combination of two of the five axes or factors, cluster =
trees for
both elements and constructs, and focused grid.
* All graphic displays are ready to use for the practitioner because they =
readable labels.
* Interactive menu for displaying labels in the two-axes display.
* Spanish version RECORD is also available.


3'5'' HD Diskette for installation in 1 computer: SP 80,-; or DM 200,-;
or US$ 130,-; or Ptas.15.000,-

3'5'' HD Diskette for installation in 2 computers: SP 120,-;
or DM 290,-; or US$160,-; or Ptas. 18.000,-

3'5'' HD Diskette for installation in 3 computers: SP 150,-;
or DM 325,-; or US$180,-; or Ptas. 21.000,-

If you are a user of a previous version ask for an uptade
benefitial price.

To order send cheque to CENTRE DE TERAPIA COGNITIVA (Llu=EDs Sagnier, 41 e=
nt. 1=AA,
Barcelona 08032, Spain) and will receive diskette and manual by return mai=
Inquiries: Dr. Guillem Feixas, fax numbers 343 402 1362 or 343 402 1427.
e-mail: (or by mail at the above address)

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