Re: PCT and Feminisms: asking again...

Alessandra Iantaffi (
Thu, 23 May 1996 10:35:49 +0100 (BST)

Dear Bob,

thank you once again for your comments. I know what you mean when you
say that feminism seems to be more than just the theory behind the
women's movement, and that it seems to imply that it has a better way of
looking at humanity in general... I can't deny that this is what a good
part of the feminist literature puts forward. Do I agree with it?
I cannot answer to this point, because I know that many of my constructs
clash against each other on this, as they do on other core beliefs I
hold. I hope you will forgive me then if I say "pass" (do you have that
expression in english?). However I can't resist from adding a further
point: for centuries in our society we have lived surrounded by theories
which considered man (as in man, even if they said they meant humankind)
central to everything, women have been nothing but a shadow in history,
art, literature, science and other's books..... Can you blame us if we
want to claim a space that we had a right to share as equals, and from
which we have been excluded for so long? There is just so much that needs
to be told, explored, uncovered, INCLUDING many other types of oppression
that humankind has afflected upon itself. Why could not the dominant
groups step aside and see if we have really something to offer? But
enough 'propaganda' for now;-) ! Alessandra